About Terme Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Terme Chamber of Commerce and Industry has obtained establishment license in consequence of the application to the TOBB (The Union of Chamber and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) in 1974 by the merchants who were engaged in commerce in Terme. As a result of research based on data of The Registry of Commerce; records that kept by Samsun Registry of Commerce before the establishment of the Chamber dates back to 1954.

200 members that were actively engaged in commerce out of 360 members that had been registered in the Registry of Commerce between 1954-1974 have applied to TOBB as founding members.
Following the establishment of the Terme TSO, the Registry of Commerce still provides services within the Chamber. In the examination of the chamber of commerce and the registry of commerce archives, weighted sectorial distribution of purchase and sale of agricultural products, dry goods, hardware and weighage is observed.

In the first years of the foundation of the republic and until 1960s, despite not being recorded in the archives, the oral history by the people from the districts narrate that the district played an important role as a corn warehouse in the Black Sea Region and those informations had been verified in the novel named “The Yellow Kerchief” of Rıfat Ilgaz.
By the year 2015, the registry records have reached up to approximately 2100 member registrations and have 700 active members. Currently there are eight Professional Groups in the Chamber. In eight Professional Groups, there are 44 Professional Committee Members, 18 Assembly Members, 5 Board of Directors Members and 6 Disciplinary Board Members. Service activities of the Chamber are carried out by 4 Personnel Staffing.

The Chamber has established as a professional organisation with public institution status that has a legal entity with an aim to provide the common requirements of its members, to facilitate their professional activities, to ensure the development of the profession in accordance with its general interests, to protect the professional discipline, ethics and cooperation in order to make honesty and trust dominant over the relationship of the member with each other and the public, to lead the commercial and economical development of the district and provide written services in all these fields.
Terme Chamber of Commerce and Industry has begun Quality Management System studies in 2014 and become entitled to receive Quality Management System Certificate from Turkish Standards Institution on 08/04/2014.  As a result of the application to the Accredited Chamber and Exchange programme that is carried out by the The Union of Chamber and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey in 2014, it has joined in the 11th Accreditation Period and the preparation of the Strategical Plan and Accreditation Monitoring Process activities still continue. 

The service building of the Chamber provides service to the members and people of the district for one day on a weekly basis as the Turkish Labor Agency Service Point as per the Protocol dated 11/01/2011 that was signed with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security Turkish Labor Agency Samsun Provincial Directorate regarding to  delivering the services of Turkish Labor Agency.